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Where to find us
Nuestra oficina se encuentra situada en la calle Oña 157 en Madrid. Nuestro centro de operaciones se encuentra en Aranjuez a  42km al sur de Madrid. Aranjuez es paisaje cultural Patrimonio de la Humanidad, dónde podremos disfrutar desde el aire de su famoso Palacio Real, sus jardines y sus huertas de fresas y espárragos.
The Balloon Company Calle Oña nº 157 28 050 Madrid +34 91 810 23 99
How much does hot air ballooning cost?
The price will depend on the type of flight you choose. The prices of the different options are listed in the table below.
Type of flight Price
Weekend flight 135€
Weekday flight 99€
Flight for two 590€
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What does the price include?
Our experience includes: Welcome reception with complimentary coffee or tea, pre-flight preparation, pilot’s introduction to the balloon’s operation, flight over the Guadarrama River Regional Park or over the city of Segovia (as per flight) Return trip to the meeting point with off-road vehicle equipped with trailer, picnic lunch, diploma accrediting your Hot Air Balloon Baptismal Flight, toast with a flute of cava. All photographs taken during your flight can later be downloaded from our Facebook page.
How long does the flight last? How long does the experience last?
The flight lasts about an hour in good weather conditions. The entire experience lasts approximately three hours.
Can any person fly? Can children fly?
Yes, adults and children over 3 feet 6 inches tall (1.10 metres) can fly. We only place a restriction for obvious safety reasons on pregnant women and people, regardless of their age, who have undergone recent surgery or are not in good health.
How many people can fit in the balloon?
The balloons’ gondolas have different capacities (from 8 to 10 people). Groups are formed with a minimum of 7 people.
When are the flights? Can we fly at any time of year?
Yes, you can fly any day of the year, in any season, barring windy or rainy conditions.
What time is the arrival at the meeting point?
We will always confirm the exact time by email. Usually, but depending on the time of year, we meet at sunrise.
What clothes should I wear?
No special equipment is required. In flight, the air is neither colder nor hotter than the ground temperature. You only need to wear comfortable clothes and shoes that are suitable for landing in the countryside. We recommend sunglasses and your camera. We’ll provide the hats.

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